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Jeff, 51, is an Accountant at a firm in Nashville, TN . He was overwhelmed with work and responsibilities at home. His blood pressure was high, and he was also prediabetic. A co-worker recommended Start Living LLC. Jeff decided to commit to a 6-month program. He set some goals with his health coach to get his life on track. His goals were to improve his sleep hygiene, improve stress management and develop healthier eating habits. During the 6-month program, Jeff realized he did not have healthy boundaries with work and he needed to be more social.  We worked on lifestyle adjustments and Jeff's blood pressure significantly reduced. He also developed healthier eating habits that encouraged balanced blood sugar levels and is no longer pre-diabetic. 

David, 42, manages a small software firm in Huntsville, Al. His wife, Kendra, 38,  gave up her career as a teacher to homeschool their son, Murphy, 9, who has Autism. David is a military veteran, and he is in a high risk category for prostate cancer. His doctor strongly recommended that he adopt a plant-based diet. The obstacle they faced was creating a plan that supported the needs of the entire family, in the most time efficient way possible. David enrolled in a 6-month coaching program with Start Living LLC.


We helped them adapt to changes that worked for their family's dynamic needs without causing additional stress. 

Because of the changes they made in their lifestyle, Kendra's chronic tension headaches subsided. Murphy's concentration improved, and he experienced less irritability, and David's PSA levels reduced. They transitioned successfully to a whole-foods plant based diet that fit their family's unique bio-individual needs. 

         Alex, 53, is a partner at a law firm in Alexandria, Virginia. He has been practicing for over 26 years. Alex admittedly was a workaholic. His fast-paced lifestyle did not allow time for an appropriate level of self-care. His cholesterol and blood pressure were substantially elevated. His lifestyle made him vulnerable to a stroke or heart attack. Alex decided to enroll in a 6-month health coaching program at Start Living LLC. 


       Within 6 months, Alex's blood pressure significantly improved, and he was able to manage it without medication with his doctor's approval. Alex learned several strategies to manage his stress and workload more effectively. With the skills he learned in the program, Alex became confident in supporting his nutritional needs. He also started dating and found more joy and balance, creating a more fulfilling life. 

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