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Health Coaching Programs

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Individual Coaching 

This program is for individuals who need support in making lifestyle modifications with unique goals and concerns such as managing conditions more effectively, addressing insomnia, weight loss, or achieving a healthier

work/life balance. Personal Shopping is available as an add-on. 

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Couples Coaching

This program is designed to support couples who choose to embark on a healthy lifestyle journey together. It is ideal for getting your family on board with adopting healthier habits and exploring ways to create a supportive work/life balance. Personal shopping is available as an add-on.

A Supportive Hug

Group Coaching

This program is designed to support groups of 5-10 people, who have similar health and wellness goals. These programs provide a less expensive alternative for individuals who thrive in a group setting. 

*Prices vary based on the length of the program and number of participants. 


  • Log workouts, track data like weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, and more​​​

  • Sync activity and sleep data from wearables like Fitbit and Apple Watch to generate reports that can be faxed to your doctor at client request. 



  • Conduct secure video consultations using a desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices​

  • Process payments securely

  • Securely chat with your coach between sessions ​​

  • The platform is PIPEDA, HIPPA, & PCI Level 1 compliant security




  • Personalized recipes and meal planning support to make meal preparation simple and easy for the family with respect to time, dietary restrictions, and food allergies.
Disclaimer: In an effort to maintain the scope of practice guidelines, the health coach does not diagnose medical or psychological conditions, prescribe medication or supplements, review or interpret lab results, or prescribe meal plans as medical therapy as performed by a Registered Dietician or Licensed Nutritionist.  
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