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Plan Vacations

Finding time for a vacation can be challenging. When we don't take breaks often, it's harder to decompress. A lot of times when people finally take a vacation, they don't start to decompress until the end of it. So they don't reap the full benefits of a vacation. The decompression was more like a pause- and then back to work.

Take Steps

Now that we have started a new year, take a look at your annual calendar, and think about the most stressful times of the year for you. Then, PLAN breaks throughout the year to provide balance. How can you better manage those stressful periods, by building in time for yourself? It could be weekend getaways, staycations, or vacations. Breaking the monotony of the daily grind is critical.

Keys to Success

Give yourself frequent opportunities to decompress. Ideally, that would be daily, but, there is often a deeper level of decompression needed. The important thing is for you to figure out what is healthy for you, so when you do decide to take vacations, you will feel refreshed and recharged.

This will improve your outlook on life, help you stay balanced, and have more to look forward to.

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