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Forgiveness Could Be The Key To Overcoming A Health Challenge

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Letting Go Of Feelings Of Anger Can Lead To A Health Breakthrough

Chronic anger causes you to go into a fight or flight mode and can cause anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and other conditions including those that impact your immune system. Is the situation or incident worth sacrificing your health and well-being?

Take Steps

Think of forgiveness as an action rather than a statement. It is a choice, but it can require steps to ensure that you are successful. You have to first decide that you want to forgive, empathize with the other person, let go of expectations, forgive yourself and seek support if needed. Forgiveness is not always easy. Be patient with yourself and invest time and effort in your recovery, because unforgiveness impacts your body, mind, and soul.

Keys to Success

Don't judge yourself. Monitor your physical health when the situation comes up. Does your anxiety spike? Does your blood pressure go up? Do you have pain in your stomach or other areas of the body? Look for patterns, and discuss them with your medical provider if necessary. Taking appropriate self-care measures is critical when you are going through this process. Committing to a self-care routine can also be extremely helpful as you heal.

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