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Who We Are



   We are a team of dedicated certified health coaches, health and wellness professionals, and program facilitators collectively joining forces to fulfill the mission of Start Living LLC. Our organization was established in 2019 to help busy professionals, dealing with lifestyle-related conditions adopt habits that support their health goals and improve their quality of life. 

 Barbara Peters, MBA, CEO

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist,

 Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Barbara and her team provide workplace wellness programs to offices, teams, and departments, as well as health coaching services that exceed client expectations. We make implementing sustainable changes convenient, practical, and rewarding.


Barbara's prior career was in Nonprofit Consulting. She worked with many professionals who sacrificed their health for their careers. She had enough of watching hard-working individuals struggle to cope with lifestyle-related chronic conditions, and die prematurely because they did not know how to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This inspired her to establish a health coaching practice with workplace wellness programs that address the unique challenges of busy professionals.

The mission of Start Living LLC is to help people heal themselves, by adopting lifestyle habits that support their bio-individual needs.


We also believe in supporting local businesses and organizations that strive to improve the health and well-being of others. Barbara currently serves as the Chair of Corporate and Community Relations for the National Association of Women Business Owners of Alabama, as well as a Board Member for Feeding the Gulf Coast. 

Areas of Expertise

We help corporate clients build employee confidence because our programs are designed to improve the overall quality of life of employees, which is a win for all. 

Challenging the pre-existing paradigm around time availability, we help clients in our program discover time to meet priorities that are most in line with their core values. 

We help clients adapt to changes at a comfortable pace. This builds sustainable routines, without introducing guilt, judgment, or burden through the process.  

We provide clients with tools to overcome barriers to implementing goals. 

We help businesses improve employee health,  increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and foster a healthy workplace environment that increases retention, and builds morale.

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